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whore me.

whore something.

whore everything!
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a community to whore your communities!
and of course if you like, you can whore your websites, your business, your journal, your band, etc. the more places you can whore your community, the more people will see it right?
-looking for a certain type of community?? feel free to post questions asking anyone if they know a good community you would be interested in!

-only post one ad for each community, once a day.
-you may post more than one ad a day, but not the same one. if we cannot figure out what point you are trying to get across by one post, we have a problem somewhere.
-do not harass anyone on their ad spot. you will be banned.
-if banners are larger than 500x500, please place tham behind an lj cut.
-the same rule goes for multiple banners.
-rememeber that people of all ages can see this, so nothing unsuitable is permitted, unless behind a cut with a warning.